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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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who you believe has it to be the 2016 cnn hero. thank you so much for being here in new york. i'm going to send you a tad early to jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. >> two major terrorists -- terror arrests and potentially a huge step in stopping the next attack. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news out of belgium. the key remaining suspect in the paris terrorist attacks captured and he's not alone. what could they know about plans for another isis massacre? also, one is the leader of the catholic church, the other a jewish kid from brooklyn who really wants to be president. both really big on fixing income inequality. bernie sanders is heading to the vatican as his race for hillary clinton gets a bit unholy. plus new york state of mind. donald trump going all in on his home state as he bends his strategy to fight off a delegate rebellion.
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good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to begin with breaking news. a five-month terrorist manhunt is over. belgian officials have arrested at least two terror suspects connected to the paris and brussels attacks, including 31-year-old mohammed abrini who french officials say helped orchestrate and execute the deadly rampage in paris, killing 130 innocent people. he has been on the run since november. you can see him here caught by security cameras with salah abdesl abdeslam. let's get right to jim sciutto. jim, put this in perspective for us. what do we know at this point? >> jab, this is key. we know both of these men are central, not peripheral to the two deadliest terror attacks in europe of the last decade, in paris and in brussels.
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abrini even driving one of those paris terrorists to and from the deadly rampage. is abrini the same man seen with the brussels attackers right before they struck? one of the most terrorists in europe is now under arrest. mohammed abrini with ties to several of the paris attackers captured in brussels today. abrini has multiple connections to the deadliest terror attack in europe in more than a decade. >> it's quite significant because he is one of the last people that they found who played a critical role in the paris attacks. he also appears to have played a critical role in the brussels attacks. >> reporter: he was caught on surveillance video driving salah abdeslam to the french capital two days before the attacks. the car seen at this gas station is the same vehicle used to transport some of the terrorists that deadly night. abrini also rented an apartment where two of the paris attackers
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stayed. and after the paris rampage, he returned to belgium with abdeslam before both disappeared. questions as to whether abrini is the man in the hat seen with the two suicide bombers at the brussels airport before he escaped on foot. just yesterday police released a series of surveillance videos tracking his movements. >> he doesn't talk. what is in his computer, what is in his cell phones, what is in the paper. you have to analyze that very quickly. >> reporter: also arrested, a man media is reporting was seen in a belgian metro station with a suicide bomber who soon after would detonate at a different station, kill 14 people and wounding 90. police reportedly found the dna of abrini and kiam where the
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brussels attackers built their palms. >> they're probably not going to get the intelligence from these guys if they clam up. the lawyers will tell them not to talk. what they have to do is widen the investigation, widen the intelligence gathering and make sure it goes well beyond belgium and france. >> the urgent focus is uncovering the rest of this vast terror network and crucially preventing new attacks. you'll remember the brussels attacks followed the arrest of salah abdeslam. the concern now is terrorists might act now, carry out more deadly terror, jake, before police discover them. >> jim sciutto, thanks so much. let's delve into all of this with paul cruickshank and former cia operative bob baer. paul, let me start with you. authorities say it's more than likely that mohammed abrini is the man with the hat seen in the security video released just yesterday. that man is obviously wanted for his involvement as the third bomber in the brussels attacks.
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does that seen credible to you that abrini would be both men? >> the investigators now are looking into that, whether he was the man you're seeing on the screen right now at the airport. they are investigating that. their wording in the press conference suggests they certainly suspect that is the case but need to do more information to make sure for sure, in their words to positively identify him at the airport. >> bob, that's why, obviously, officials released video and photographs, right? if abrini is the man in the videos and did have a role in the brussels attacks, this seems like an extraordinarily quick success. what did you make of that video? >> well, what i make of it is he was definitely involved in the paris attack the 30th of november and then goes back to brussels and with perfect immunity goes on and plans the attacks on the airport and the metro. i mean this is incredible that somebody under that scrutiny,
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most sought after man in the world, is able to put together an attack and has lasted this long. it speaks to the trade craft of these people, that they're good. they can stay off the net, they can stay off the telephone. it talks about just how bold they are. and also the problems the belgian police have not finding this guy. this is just extraordinary. a guy at the center of two attacks has managed to survive all these months. i think the tapes probably they have got very lucky or they have a source, one of the two. >> so, paul, the brussels attack happened last month. why do you think authorities didn't put out this video before? >> well, we don't know. and we don't yet know whether putting out this video actually led to these arrests today. i think we need to be very cautious about that because i can tell you there are all sorts of other leads that they have been following. it may not have been their cctv footage that led to the arrest today but certainly there is quite a coincidence that just
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the following day that you see these major arrests. these were the two most wanted men in europe, mohammed abrini. very much integral members of this paris and brussels attack that moved through syria, through greece, into europe in the months before the paris attacks. some of them carried out the paris attacks, some of them stayed in brussels to carry out the attacks there. mohammed abrini's fingerprints and dna were found in the same hiding place salah abdeslam was hiding out in brussels in the months after the paris attacks, suggesting he was also holed up there but may have escaped from that location, obviously not being arrested last month. but the worry moving forward, jake, is that it was three weeks ago on a friday that they arrested salah abdeslam and an accomplice. then other people who were part of that cell accelerated their attack planning and you saw the brussels attacks.
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they still think there are more than a dozen people connected to this cell still at large, people who played a logistical support role. we at cnn have the identities of four of the people that they are looking for. they include two belgians, a dutch national and somebody who spent a long time living in western germany. so a lot of concern moving forward. >> it's clear that brussels is a hotbed of terrorist activity. how worried should authorities be that another attack, as paul suggests, may be imminent? >> jake, with the availability of weapons and making this tatp explosives, i think it's almost inevitable it's going to happen. the belgian police have finally caught on what they got in their hands. on the other hand this group is so diffuse and so disciplined that they're capable of launching another attack. i wouldn't be surprised if we see one, i can't tell how soon. turning now to our politics lead, bernie sanders about to
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welcome back to "the lead." the politics lead now. bernie sanders taking a working vacation. the first jew in american history to win delegates, much less primaries, will be jetting off to vatican city for a meeting with the pope. the trip comes as his battle for the democratic nomination has started to look like a true battle instead of a series of polite disagreements. cnn's correspondent jeff zeleny is in brooklyn. sanders is doing everything to shore up his street cred as bernie from brooklyn, eating pizza. he and his campaign staffers are talking openly about a contested convention. >> reporter: they are indeed, jake, perhaps taking a cue from the republican playbook here. they are threatening the possibility of a contested convention when democrats meet in philadelphia in july.
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party leaders tell me that is a very, very slim possibility. the clinton campaign knows the only way to stop it is to keep winning and winning big. that's why the fight for new york is so critical. a cease-fire today in the heated democratic presidential race. bernie sanders, backing down after repeatedly saying hillary clinton is not qualified to be president. >> the people of this country understand we have some enormous crises, and they want the candidates to deal with these crises. >> reporter: the war of words, cooling for a moment. but the race remains highly contentious. >> you may have heard senator sanders say i'm unqualified to be president. well, seriously, seriously i've been called a lot of things over the years, but unqualified has not been one of them. >> reporter: it's a bitter fight for the new york primary. >> thank you, south bronx! >> reporter: with both sides taking out their own turf. visiting buffalo today, clinton took a page out of the playbook
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from her two winning u.s. senate races here. >> i am so excited to be here and to see the extraordinary achievements of this community. >> reporter: sanders went home to brookbrooklyn, to the street his childhood. reminding new yorkers he's a new yorker by blood. >> i spent the first 18 years of my life in apartment 2-c right here. >> reporter: the race for the white house has taken a decidedly local turn, with the nerve centers of both campaigns in brooklyn. each office taking on the style of its candidate. inside the sanders office, supporters are trying to channel his momentum into a new york upset. >> every state we've gone to we've been told what we can't do and we continue to defy the odds and win. >> reporter: at clinton headquarters, a far larger team is trying to protect clinton's front-runner status. today on cnn sanders campaign manager, jeff weaver, said his team is gearing up for a convention floor fight. >> we have many people affiliated with the campaign who have floor experience in the
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democratic party, so we're looking at all of our options. >> reporter: but clinton campaign manager robby mook dismissed that possibility. >> the stakes are so high here for democrats, for americans, that senator sanders will believe in the importance of bringing this party together and making sure that the white house stays in democratic hands. >> reporter: on the campaign trail in pennsylvania today, former president bill clinton sought to move beyond his heated exchange with protest rz on thursday, whom he tangled with for 15 minutes. >> it bothers me now when that happens. so i did something yesterday in philadelphia. i almost want to apologize for it. >> reporter: now, brooklyn is at the very heart of this presidential campaign for the next 11 days or so, jake. you can see the crowd behind me gathering for a rally with senator sanders but he is going to take a detour next friday and go to the vatican in rome to attending an economic conference
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put on by the vatican and the pope. if protocol was violated, he announced that he was doing. some people saying he was just doing it to get the catholic vote. in either case, the fight for new york is on. bernie sanders believes a strong win here can keep his campaign alive. jake. >> jeff, thank you so much. joining me here in new york, senior media advisor to the bernie sanders campaign, tad devine. tad, thanks for being here. you've already said that you're not familiar with the particulars about the vatican thing so i'll avoid those questions. senator sanders is backing off his claim that secretary clinton isn't qualified to be president because of her poor judgment. clinton never directly said that sanders wasn't qualified. did senator sanders and your campaign overreact? >> no, we didn't, jake. i went to law school a long time ago and hillary clinton did too and there's a great way to say things without saying them. jeff had an excellent report on tuesday night after bernie sanders won a huge victory in wisconsin and said the clinton campaign had a new strategy. they were going to disqualify bernie sanders and then defeat
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him. that disqualification strategy was pursued at the candidate level on down. secretary clinton three times refused to say whether or not bernie sanders was qualified to be president. her campaign continues to this day, to this hour to refuse to answer that simple question. we know what they were doing. we know what the new york primary is like. they want to fight about qualifications, we took them on. i have no regret at all. >> paul krugman wrote about the nasty turn. he wrote mr. sanders is starting to sound like his worst followers. bernie is becoming a bernie bro. the campaign has brought out a streak of petulant self righteousness in some supporters. has it brought out that in the candidate too. the implication is that it has. >> listen, paul krugman every couple of weeks writes a column attacking bernie sanders. his views about the economy and bernie sanders are as different as day and night. bernie sanders understands that the economy of america is rigged, that it's sending all new wealth to the top and the rigged economy is held in place
1:19 pm
by a corrupt system of campaign finance. mr. krugman doesn't agree, but that's bernie sanders' stance and that's why he's running for president. >> i want to play that moment again from from philadelphia yesterday, bill clinton taking on some protesters who were interrupting his rally. let's watch. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out onto the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. tell the truth. >> former president bill clinton defending his wife's remark from back then when she referred to super predators. she has said that she regrets making that comment. former president bill clinton saying today he felt, quote, i almost want to apologize for the shouting match. what did you make of that?
1:20 pm
>> listen, it's difficult on the campaign trail, particularly when you're confronted by protesters. i think secretary clinton and president clinton need to realize the black lives matter is a very important movement. that the young people who are behind it have real grievances that they're trying to air. >> you don't think they realize that? >> well, i don't think judging by president clinton's reaction, no, i don't think he realized it at that moment. i think today he tried to move back and i think that's a very good thing for him to do. >> senator heidi hide camp has endorsed hillary clinton. she told "the washington post" it's really important everybody take a pause and calm down. people get tired, say things they don't mean to, emotions get raw. do you ever worry that things right now are so angry if, and i know you think sanders will be the nominee, that if he isn't, there are a whole bunch of sanders supporters that are so angry at hillary clinton that they'll never vote for her and they'll hand the election to the republicans? >> i don't think we're anywhere near that, jake.
1:21 pm
>> have you checked out twitter? >> i watched the 2008 campaign and i think it was much more vitriolic. when hillary clinton was saying shame on you, barack obama. there was some tough back and forth but they found a way to find common ground and come together. we believe bernie sanders will be the nominee of the party. we won't be able to do it without the support of hillary clinton and others. i know that bernie sanders understands that we cannot have donald trump or ted cruz to be the president of the united states. so we'll come together, we'll find a way. no, i don't think the campaign has gone too far. we want a campaign that disagrees on issues and i hope we get that campaign here in new york. >> i'm going to forward you ten tweets tomorrow and we'll see what you think then. tad devine, thank you so much. forget madison square garden, we're taking the 3 train to brooklyn for the democratic debate next thursday. live at 9:00 only on cnn moderated by new york's own wolf blitzer. the republican establishment has made it clear they want anyone but trump, but why are republican members of the senate still wishy-washy when it comes
1:22 pm
to the only alternate, ted cruz. then, hillary clinton's first time in the media spotlight was hard to forget when she said she wasn't standing by her man like country singer tammy wynette. a look at how clinton is still haunted by those comments more than 20 years later.
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1:27 pm
campaign in the local delegate conventions in places like louisiana and just a few minutes ago in colorado, trump campaign confidence when it comes to delegates might be as well placed as a make america great again hat worn on a jaunt down 125th street. jim acosta is in las vegas where cruz will soon be trying to woo donors. cruz is also planning to address this colorado convention tomorrow. he'll be the only one of the candidates to do so. >> that's right, every delegate counts. donald trump is still laying low back in new york but not ted cruz. he is heading out west to meet with potential donors before seeking out more delegates in colorado tomorrow. it's part of the new intense part of the campaign, the delegate fight. inside trump world, it's a new day in the gop delegate battle, and donald trump's new general in charge of racking up the magic number needed to clinch the nomination is predicting
1:28 pm
victory. >> it will be apparent to the world that trump is over the 1,237 number. at that point in time when it is apparent, everything will come together. >> paul manafort told chris cuomo he's revamping the front-runner's delegate war plans. it's a new relationship with trump's current campaign manager, corey lewandowski. >> this is an example of donald trump managing and the kind of leadership he'll bring to the presidency after november. campaigns have different phases. >> and while manafort pushed back on the notion lewandowski is being sidelined after some campaign setbacks, he made it clear he answers only to trump. >> i listen to everybody, but one man's voice is louder than everyone else. >> manafort's voice comes at a crucial time as ted cruz is implementing his own delegate strategy, grabbing them wherever he can. this weekend cruz is scheduled to visit colorado where republicans are holding their
1:29 pm
own convention to select delegates, a contest the senator is favored to win. >> ted cruz is the type of person who will stand up for what he believes in. well, standing up for the american people, and that's what speaks to the voters in colorado. >> it's a trip trump decided against in the hopes of a landslide over cruz in the new york primary. >> look, we have a clear path forward to get to 1,237 delegates. it's difficult. we've got to win and we've got to win consistently. >> reporter: cruz told dana bash he's laughing off the r-rated welcome he's receiving in the big apple after he slammed trump's new york values. >> i laughed out loud. i have never been popular with left wing journalists or tabloids. >> reporter: lagging behind, john kasich is making the case he won't be dead on arrival at the gop convention this summer. >> don't be fooled, ted cruz can't win the nomination outright and he can't defeat hillary clinton either. >> reporter: with a tough new ad, kasich argues he still has the best shot of defeating hillary clinton and he's warning
1:30 pm
voters trump's "make america great" again message is a general election disaster. >> we are still the strongest country by far in the entire world and people ought to stop whining about america. that's playing to people's fears. >> reporter: now, as for cruz, in addition to courting some big donors here in las vegas, he will address a jewish group run by mega donor and casino tycoon sheldon adelson tomorrow. trump tweeted he is in the office today running his company but gets back on the campaign trail sunday in rochester, new york, and probably not a moment too soon. he needs to get back out there and start going after those delegates himself. >> jim acosta, thank you so much. joining me now is senator mike lee of utah. he has endorsed senator ted cruz. senator, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> so, senator, i want you to take a listen to what new york's most prominent current republican office holder, congressman peter king, said on
1:31 pm
the joe pisscapo show. >> any new yorker who even thinks of voting for ted cruz should have their head expected. here's a guy who refused to sign on to the 9/11 health care act for the cops and firemen. here's a guy who talks about new york values. i hope he gets the colder shoulder and other things that from every new yorker. send him back where he belongs. he's a phony. i just can't stand that guy. >> this is not a fan. he doesn't know ted cruz like i do. ted cruz is a friend of mine, he is a colleague and someone i have a lot of respect for. he's also someone who's gaining a lot of attention, getting a lot of votes all around the country. so i look forward to the success that he's going to continue to have in this presidential election cycle. >> but why should new york republicans, i guess is the question, take your word for it over that of their fellow new york republican congressman
1:32 pm
king? >> look, i'm not going to tell them not to listen to their congressman. but what i will tell them is what i believe, which is that ted cruz understands that people in washington, d.c., have been getting richer and more powerful every year for many, many years now. this is to the benefit of the political class in washington but it's to the detriment of people throughout america. it's hurt the poor and middle class throughout this country. he wants to restore constitutional protection that have been put in place to protect the poor and middle class and that can be restored and with it we can benefit the poor and middle class. >> senator, in retrospect was it worth it for senator cruz to go after donald trump for having, quote, new york values? does senator cruz wish he had not said that? >> i don't know what he wishes he had or hadn't said. my reading of that statement was simply that he was point out what i think is a fairly unremarkable proposition, which is that new york city aligns differently from a political
1:33 pm
standpoint with a lot of other places throughout the country. i think he might have been in iowa when he said that and i don't think it's any secret, any mystery that people in iowa are a little bit more conservative, politically speaking, than they are in new york city. i don't think it's any secret that mayor de blasio in new york leans a little further to the left than people in other parts of the country. >> the race is basically down to trump versus cruz. many republicans have said they don't want trump to be the nominee, but i have to say there is such an ambivalence about cruz among your colleagues. after senator risch said he hoped cruz would win the presidential nomination, wolf blitzer noted he was only the third senator to endorse cruz, joining you and lindsey graham. listen to what same next. >> did i just endorse, wolf? >> you sort of said you prefer him over the other -- >> i do. >> that sounds like an endorsement, doesn't it? >> i guess it depends on your
1:34 pm
definition. >> i guess? what's the problem here. shouldn't republican senators be rallying around cruz if they have such a disdain for trump? >> i think they should. i hope and frankly i expect that they will. this will happen. look, it's important to remember that not every republican senator decides to endorse in a presidential primary within the republican party. in fact most have chosen not to get in up to this point. senator risch is one of those who had previously endorsed, but he had endorsed senator rubio who is now out of the race. a lot of those who have previously endorsed have understandably decided maybe i'll wait it out for a while. i picked someone else earlier in that race and that person didn't last so maybe i'll stay out for me. >> republican strategist paul manafort, who's donald trump's convention manager, he said senator cruz is not winning enough big states and trump will wrap up the nomination in june before the convention. your response? >> that's not at all clear to me. in fact quite to the contrary.
1:35 pm
i think the momentum is with senator cruz an i think it's also important to remember that throughout the country, new york possibly being an exception, donald trump usually tops out somewhere around, 30%, 35%, 40% of the vote. in my home state of utah he topped out at 14% of the vote in our presidential contest in utah. so most of the people who are voting in most of these contests throughout the country are supporting someone other than trump. most of those who are not supporting trump are pretty strongly against him. i think that coupled with the delegate recruitment effort of the cruz campaign and the momentum they're picking up gives the advantage to senator cruz. >> senator mike lee, always good to have you on. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> be sure to tune into cnn on tuesday for a special town hall with donald trump and his family. it all starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern only an cnn. pope francis going where few pontiffs have gone. he says the catholic church should be more welcoming when it comes to divorce.
1:36 pm
but is this really the big change some are touting it as? that's next. you both have a
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. he is the pope who has captivated much of the world by reaching out for hands instead of slapping wrists. today pope francis continued to add some substance to his ground-breaking style by urging more understanding for the realities of modern family life, including divorced and remarried catholics, gay and lesbian couples and women trapped in abusive relationships. though the pope still closed the door on same-sex marriage. i'm joined now by father timothy casicky, president of the jesuit
1:41 pm
conference. pope francis is a jesuit. father, every time we do a story on the pope there seems to be a discrepancy between what the pope actually said and what a bunch of secular reporters hoped he had said. break this down for us. what exactly did he stay today? how groundbreaking was it? >> many of us, jake, have had the experience of boarding an airplane where all the premium customers are lined up and eager to get on the plane and the airline suddenly says we give priority now to those with special needs, those with children in strollers, et cetera. i almost take that image and picture the pope at the doors of the church to tell all the regular faithful stand back, i want those in irregular situations, those in perhaps failed marriages or those who feel they have been excluded from the church to come in first, to know that they're loved. so it's a clear pastoral invitation consistent with the preaching of pope francis.
1:42 pm
>> and what stands out to you most in this document itself? >> well, it's nine chapters, it's 200 pages, so i'm going to give my first impressions. in the eighth chapter he's giving advice to priests. and in reading it, one of the clear things is he says don't use moral teaching to throw stones at people. you really need to invite them in in a loving way. and then he makes a very bold statement when he quotes himself. he wrote an apostolic paper in 2013 and said perhaps someone who is in a difficult situation and makes small steps is more pleasing to god than someone who has his whole life in order and does nothing to advance himself or does nothing to face difficult decisions. so he's almost saying god loves the sinner are estranged person more. >> interesting. a few years ago the pope, we all remember, made some waves worldwide by saying who am i to judge when it comes to catholics
1:43 pm
who happen to be gay or lesbian. previous popes have called being gay a disorder. is this attitude you think likely to trickle down? is the church evolving in terms of its attitudes as quickly as the pope is calling for? >> well, as you note, he has two paragraphs in the apostolic exertation where he says the church should be loving and accepting of gays an lesbians and then goes on to say he doesn't see the sack ra meant open to gays an lesbians. he's really looking at all the people in the church throughout the world who somehow feel estranged and he wants them to feel welcome and loved. >> father timothy kesecki, thank you so much. appreciate it as always. it's enough $1 bills laid side to side to reach from here to the planet uranus.
1:44 pm
what would the 2016 candidates do to fix our mind-blowing debt? that's next. plus, it's flashback friday. the headbands, the hair styles, the pant suits, they have all changed, but some perceptions of hillary clinton, well, they have not. no one's the same without the game of football...
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3, 2, 1, engine ignition. liftoff of the falcon 9 rocket for science today and deep exploration tomorrow. >> just in, liftoff on "the lead." the company spacex sending another rocket to the international space station from its base in cape canavarel, florida. this one carrying an inflatable space house, one that nasa thinks could one day easily be transported and used by astronauts on mars. in the words of james carville, it is the economy, stupid, so just what would today's candidates do to fix the country's $19 trillion debt? we took a closer look at their ideas in our weekly segment, "america's debt and the economy."
1:49 pm
this week donald trump made a rather dumbfounding declaration that he would pay off america's $19 trillion debt in just eight years. a goal almost every expert says is impossible. >> he might as well say he's going to flap his wings and fly. >> even if one could pay it off that fast, it could be harmful. >> you'd no longer have a treasury market and you would probably very greatly weaken the economy. >> trump's plan may not have hit a bull's-eye, but it did aim at a crucial issue rarely addressed on the campaign trail, the debt. >> it involves things that politicians don't like to talk about. you end up hearing fairy tale promises. >> bernie sanders has no qualms about who he thinks should foot the bill in paying off the debt. >> the top one-tenth of 1% owns -- >> republican trickledown tax
1:50 pm
policies are the major reason we have the debt that we do. the wealthy should pay their fair share and we need to limit unnecessary and costly foreign wars. >> i will pay for everything that i am putting forth. hilary clinton says she is proposing ways to pay for $100 billion in new spending. the interest on the current tab costs hundreds of billions of dollars each year. ? we are going to have to raise taxes, cut spending, reform entitlements and grow the economy. really, what people like to talk about is cutting taxes and increasing spending. >> senator cruz said he can cut unconstitutional government we epa. >> he has been vocal about balancing the budget but as a
1:51 pm
crowd-pleasing candidate, he has proposed billions in new spending. donald trump's promise to limit spending is another example of how he is not prepared to be president says kasich. he said that he is the only candidate with a balanced budget under his belt. >> i paid down half a trillion dollars of national debt. >> he has no details on how to repeat the feat, the debt is continuing to grow as the race narrows. when hilary clinton was first lady she had stumbles in the press. we will take a look at how the stem bells are influencing her presidential campaign, 20 plus years later as we come back.
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welcome back the "lead," i'm jake tapper, let's revisit the politics lead, bill clinton went on something of a towear yestery in philadelphia, defending the world as he saw it when he signed a crime bill in to law, which many now fault for the over incarceration of african-americans. as it would happen, the next episode of "race for the white house" winds through his wild ride to the white house and reminds us of hilary clinton's first step on the national stage. it's been 16 years since she occupied the white house. clinton changed the rulebook for
1:57 pm
first ladies. >> she opened the door for first ladies to do a lot of different things but it was a bumpy ride, jake. >> i proudly -- >> bill clinton's first presidential camp pan barely had begun when rumors erupted. and many americans this was hilary clinton's first big moment. just 44 years old, on 60 minutes. >> you know, i'm not sitting here as some little woman standing by my man like many tammy wine ttt. >> an avalanche of complaints came, and it happened again months later. >> i suppose i could have stayed home and bake cookies -- >> as soon as it came -- came
1:58 pm
out of her mouth, we knew, she just offended half of the women in the country. >> even staffers new, it was a rough start. >> i think it's really important for people to understand that this was the first time that she was under the glare of the media. ever. you know, and that is hard for anybody. >> perhaps it should have been no surprise. hilary clinton played an active role in her husband's bid to unseat the first president bush. and she wanted a say in white house policy. but after the win, that spurred scrutiny uncommon for a president's spouse. over her ties to the legal profession, a real estate deal even the suicide of a family friend. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> and when she took the lead on healthcare reform a firestorm followed. >> i have seen first hand the strengths of our healthcare
1:59 pm
system. >> no other first lady had done it before, but the amount of vitrole toward her was visceral. >> the initiative failed and the lightning rod stayed and first impressions forged in the long-ago race is still making friends and enemies for hilary clinton. >> and to this day, jake, as you know, there's people who knew her then and now, some of which remain great, great fans and others who do not care for her campaign at all. jake? >> tom, thanks, sunday night, 9:00 p.m., the comeback kid will take on the stage for race for the white house. clinton v bush. be sure to tune in. my guests will bee hilary clintn and bernie sanders. i turn you over to wolfe
2:00 pm
blitzer, he is in "the situation room." thanks for watching. have a great weekend. happening now, terror captured two of the world's most wanted, they are now in custody suspected in the involvement of the paris and brussels disaster. could one of them be the so-called man in the hat caught on video? why has it taken so long? heightened alert, and an earlier arrest may have triggered the slaughter in brussels. could it be a signal to lauren more terror attacks y authorities may need to learn information very, very quickly. trump, the statistics show he is staying out-of-sight today, saying he is busy, running his business. but by staying home is he leaving delegates for ted cruz to grab in and back tracking after clashing with protesters bill